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    Customized care for your dog's age, breed, and lifestyle

    Just like its owner, every dog is unique.  We'll tailor your dog's grooming session to their needs...
    and give them plenty of love and praise along the way!

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Walk-In Nail Trimming

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to keep your dog calm while you wait for an appointment.

Walk-in nail appointments are usually available within 10 minutes!

Stop in today - 1017-D Pat Booker Rd.


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A Pet-Perfect Environment

With our open concept shop, your dogs will enjoy a friendly atmosphere where they'll learn to enjoy grooming.

They can see outside... go for walks... and enjoy affection from all of our staff!

Schedule your visit - 210-566-DOGS

Make Your Dog a Dog Star

See exactly what we can do for your companion! 

From brushing and baths to nail care, ear care, and dental care, your dog will be ready for their closeup!

Watch our 30-second video

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